The #MastersTribe was overwhelmed with joy to be selected to take part in the Thurley runway for Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Australia 2019. Students from both Melbourne and Sydney campuses had the opportunity to work hand in hand in the back-of-house with the designer Helen O’Connor from Australia's prestigious fashion label Thurley. Fashion student Belinda tells us more about her experience.


Students were assigned to a variety of tasks, which included dressing models, organising accessories, runway setup and steaming and ironing garments. Some students also had the opportunity in initiating garment alterations under the designer’s guidance.


A highlight was working as an assistant to the stylists, where I gained inspiration through their leadership and their ability to solve problems quickly. All was achieved by the team in a fast-paced yet positive environment.

The runway gained a lot of media attention, we had constant news crews backstage interviewing the designer and filming the process of the whole show. There were many photographers documenting the lavish garments and taking snaps of the high detailed wear, which was done for later promotional use.


This opportunity allowed for the students to up skill their current abilities and develop new talents in the industry. Not only did the experience offer personal development, but also promoted positive networking among industry professionals.

As a student, I find it's vital to take what is learnt from the classroom and apply this in the industry, where it also forms new confidence and builds creativity along the way.


I felt proud to be able to assist other students when needed and guide them from the knowledge that I gained from previous interning experiences. It was great to meet students new to the runway scene and watch them bring positive and efficient energy to the job.


To work alongside such an extravagant brand really raises the mark and pushes us to pursue more. Thank you to Helen and the team for encouraging us as students and welcoming us with open arms. Thank you The Masters for the constant opportunities.