Last week I was given the amazing opportunity to assist behind the scenes for the women’s fashion label [et cetera] WOMAN, owned by our lecturer Karyn Westren.


The shoot was unique in as the stylists, Todd and Melinda, wanted it to be a bit different to the typical campaign shoots we always see. They wanted to focus on the iconic Sydney landmarks such as the Opera House, Harbour Bridge and Luna Park, which set the perfect backdrop for the resort style campaign.


We travelled by water taxi and the photographer captured some truly amazing, one of a kind shots out on the water. We were given the picturesque Sydney, hot, sunny weather, although apparently, there was too much sun! The day didn’t take off too smoothly however, as we were unaware of the different permits needed to take photos in front of the Opera House and Luna Park. These issues were handled very professionally and calmly by Todd. This displayed the importance of always being polite and courteous in these situations, as he was then given a list of areas that we could go to get the best shots.

Overall, the whole experience was an eye-opener to a different aspects of the industry. Most of us take this for granted or don’t know much about. As a student, it gave me a clear insight into a future profession in this industry that I can excited to be a part of.


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