Ever find yourself wishing you lived in another era simply because of the fashion and trends from that time? Us, too! The glitz and glam of the 20s, the carefree style of the 60s and 70s, the simplicity of the 90s—we love it all! Luckily, there are tons of ways to channel past eras of fashion with pieces you probably already own! Let us show you how…

Roaring 20s


1920s fashion centred around glamour, glitter, and rebelling against the conservative styles of yesteryear. The era featured loose-fitting dresses that fell just below the knee (can you say scandalous?!), drop waists, lots of beading, and cute headpieces. To put a modern spin on a typical 1920s look, we suggest utilising midi skirts or mid-length palazzo pants with a loose-fitting, untucked top. This will have the same effect as a drop waist. If you’re more into menswear, try some oversized pants cinched with a belt to give a paper bag effect, paired with a loose, breezy button down shirt. 

Bonus points for: beading, glitz, fringe, or shimmer!


Swinging 60s


Women’s fashion in the 60s was all about the miniskirt! Bright colours and colour blocking were common in this era, too. And who can forget about gogo boots?! For a modern look with a 60s vibe, we suggest pops of colour, mini skirts or shorts, and boots!

Bonus points for: a babydoll silhouette, colourful stockings, or calf-socks with heels.


Groovy 70s


The 70s was all about funky garments that channeled the carefree spirit of the decade; flared pants, loose-fitting dresses, and bold prints were the go. For a 70s look, go for high-waisted pants with a crop top, a mini dress (layered over long sleeves or a knit if it’s cold out!), or a button-down with flared pants.

Bonus points for: a tie-front crop top, knee high socks with a mini skirt, or something crocheted!


Bold and Bright 80s


The 80s was for clothes that made a statement. Padded shoulders, puffy sleeves, bright colours, peplum, bold silhouettes—you get the picture. To give your outfit an 80s twist, swap your regular stockings for fishnets, switch out something neutral for a bright colour, or throw on a big blazer or leather jacket over your outfit.

Bonus points for: balloon sleeves and bright eyeshadow with a contrasting lipstick.


Minimalist 90s


Don’t worry—low rise jeans aren’t the only thing the 90s fashion is known for! 90s fashion is easy to emulate because it’s super popular at the moment. Think slip dresses layered over a tshirt, pleated skirts, scarves as tops, and—thanks to Princess Di—spandex shorts with oversized crew neck jumpers and chunky shoes. It was a stark contrast to the puffy sleeves and bright colours of the decade that preceded it. We’re sure you won’t have trouble finding pieces for this era in your wardrobe, but if you’re at a loss—raid your parents’ closets! We guarantee they’ll still have some 90s gems hidden in there somewhere.

Bonus points for: over-tweezing your eyebrows. Just kidding. Complete the 90s look with a choker, a scrunchie, and a pair of tiny sunglasses.


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