We know you’ve all heard it already, but we won’t stop spreading the news - four of our students have been selected to feature at Melbourne Fashion Week! We chatted to Kiara, Juanita, Erin and Taelah a bit about what it was like finding out they were selected and where their passion for design began…

What was your reaction when you found out you got in?

When I found out I got into Melbourne Fashion Week I was so overwhelmed and humble that I got chosen! It’s a once in a lifetime opportunity that I worked really hard for. -Kiara

It felt unreal, unimaginable an I was speechless when Todd told me the news. -Juanita

When I found out I had gotten into Melbourne Fashion Week, I was shocked! And honestly it didn’t hit me until I was at uni sewing, like holy sh*t  I’m actually in M/FW! But obviously I’m so happy, it’s an incredible opportunity and I’m going to give it everything I’ve got! -Erin

When I found out I got into M/FW, I actually didn’t tell anyone for a few hours because I was really overwhelmed and it didn’t feel real hahah. -Taelah


Who’d you call first?

Immediately I called my boyfriend, Henry tell him the good news, then followed by calling my parents. They were all so happy and couldn’t wait to see everything I’ve been working on! -Kiara

The first person I told the news to was my mum. I think she was more excited than I was! -Juanita

When I found out I was with my boyfriend, and he kept asking “what is it? Did you get in? Erin?!?” While I was trying to process it hahaha! But he’s been so supportive and he was  probably more excited when I told him as it didn’t feel real for me just yet!  -Erin

What made you want to study fashion?

I chose to study fashion as it really was something I had fallen in love with from a young age and I knew I could see myself pursuing that career path. -Kiara

I was always somewhere near a sewing machine, because my mother, grandmother, nanna and aunties sewed, knitted, quilted etc. I decided to expand my skills into a career -Juanita

I took a 2 year gap year as I was going to study nursing, but wasn’t 100% sure. I gave it more thought, and fashion has always been apart of my life! I’ve always loved it and I thought why not? I don’t want to be older regretting not doing something I love


I always wanted to study fashion from a young age. It started with constantly playing dress ups when I was little, to art classes through school and sketching fashion illustrations everyday. I knew all the way through school that I wanted to be a designer.



Pictured: Erin (left), Taelah (middle) & Kiara (right)

So, there you have it! Kiara, Juanita, Erin and Taelah have all been working tirelessly to have their designs ready for September 1st, so stay tuned for more to be revealed! Catch their work at the M/FW Town Hall Runway 2 - Student Collections. Click here for ticket info.

Pictured: Juanita

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