Meet Adele Zemanova, one of our recently graduated fashion business students who came here all the way from Prague.


Adele is an extremely creative and a passionate fashion designer; with her attention to detail and broad experience from styling rock bands, designing and making leather accessories, couture techniques such as lace appliqué and working with delicate fabrics.

She is heavily influenced by a historical and architectural spirit whilst growing up in Prague and being constantly surrounded by artists including glass designers.

The desire to experience different cultures and curiosity brought Adele to Australia where she went to visit and spontaneously decided to study fashion business at The Masters. Falling in love with the inspiring Melbourne atmosphere, she decided to stay and gain more experience in the fashion industry and aspires to start up her own label exploring versatile lingerie and loungewear.

Her vision is a fusion; a provocative attitude combined with a feminine aesthetic, an affinity with fine delicate couture fabrics, finishes and redefining the boundaries between inner and outer wear.

Read the full interview with Adele below:

Tell us a bit more about you - you grew up in Prague. What was that like? How has that influenced your work in fashion in Australia?

Prague.. The more I’m abroad the more I miss it. It is such a magical city with historic and spiritual atmosphere.

I was always around art as a child because of my mother who is glass designer, we were drawing together all the time or doing a lots of crafts. When I was around 12 she taught me to sew and make patterns. She had dressmaking skills as pretty much every woman in her age because of the lack of many things during the communist regime. If you wanted something cool you just had to make it.

I always wanted look different then the others so I decided to make my own crazy looking clothes as teenager and after a while it somehow gets quite popular so I started to sell my creations. I played in punk rock band back in that time so it was great promotion for my image ant the clothing I was making. This rebellious era definitely left something in my aesthetic such as hint of theatre and being provocative.


Adele at 20 years old in a jacket she designed

Why did you choose to study at The Masters?

Originally, I went to Australia to visit out of curiosity and spontaneously stayed based on the offer to study at The Masters.

What inspired you to study fashion?

From the bottom of my heart I always knew that I would be involved with fashion despite fact I was doing many different things not involving fashion at all like being fitness instructor or a sale person.

What was it like seeing your work grow from illustration to finished design? Were there any challenges/exciting moments for you during this? 

There are always some challenges with the designing and the making process and that is exactly what keeps me excited- the challenge.

What was the highlight of your fashion journey at T.M.? 

Absolutely Melbourne Fashion Week. Also receiving the awards for determination and commitment.


What's next for you in your fashion journey?

Starting my own label, Dekadent.



Who is your biggest style/fashion influence? 

I totally admire Alexander McQueen and John Galliano. But there are heaps of others and it changes time to time.

What did you find unique about studying at The Masters?

I loved the frequent improvement over the studies and the fact that the feedback of the students was important and listened. The biggest advantage of the course was the small amount of students and very individualistic approach. I met some incredible teachers who were able to highly motivate me and pushed me far. I also have to give a huge credit to the student support that is really fantastic.


Want to follow Adele's journey? Find her on Instagram @adela.zemanova