We chatted to our awesome fashion business student Kenzie about what her first year studying at The Masters was like. Find out below!

I always knew that I wanted to study fashion and be in the creative industry. When I was looking for fashion schools, I knew that I didn’t want to do design and that I wanted to focus more on the business aspect of the industry. When I was researching schools, I stumbled across The Masters and I knew it was the perfect fit for me because they offered fashion business, unlike other colleges. I booked in for a campus tour and I was in love with the modern and personable space I was shown! During the tour I knew this was the place for me to study—Katelyn, who gave me the tour and later became my mentor, provided me with so much great advice.


Before I even started my first semester at The Masters, I was provided with industry experience when I was given the opportunity to work at a warehouse sale and meet some others who were going to be studying with me.  During my first couple of weeks at The Masters I met so many amazing friends and I was really immersed into the content we were learning. I have been given so many opportunities at The Masters so far through Agency T.M and have gone to many hands-on events and shows as a part of our coursework. I loved how hands-on the units were and we often even got to go shopping as part of class (which I loved!).


During the second semester, I joined the T.M Edit and was able to start researching and writing about topics I was interested in, which has allowed me to build my portfolio up. I also fell in love with the Digital Technology unit, which allowed me to tap into my creative side and learn how to use the Adobe Suite. Learning these programs has really taken my work to the next level and has given me even more skills for the workforce. The college has also provided us with guest lecturers who have given us insight into what it is like to work in the industry. The campus also has its own photo studio for student use, which has allowed our creativity to flow and has given us opportunities to experiment with styling on set.


Overall, my first year at The Masters was one I won’t forget. I have learnt so much in one year and made so many industry connections. Being able to connect with other like-minded students really motivates me throughout studying. We have really created a little family at The Masters. 

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