Hey, readers—Lucy here! I’m a recent graduate from The Masters Advanced Diploma of Applied Fashion Design and Merchandising. I’m a mum with three boys who has always loved sewing and being creative, so I spent the last three years doing just that. 


In 2018 I had the opportunity to take my third year designs through the Melbourne Fashion Week process and have them shown on the runway which was incredible! For my collection ‘Dead Air’, I focused on the women’s movement. I also took inspiration from birds, metal and mushrooms. 

M/FW was quite the process. We had to do our basic designs and concepts for our collection, then had to present to a panel of assessors and I guess convince them to like our collections enough to want to showcase them. After we got selected then it was all hands on deck trying to get the 3 garments produced. We were all mentored by the amazing stylist Stuart Walford which was awesome. He had a very gentle and calm approach. He also had a very beautiful vision and ideas but he didn’t force them. I felt he helped to nurture you to grow and to create the best piece that you could. 


For me, the most exciting part of M/FW was seeing our designs on the runway. It was exhilarating after working so hard on them. We put our blood sweat and tears into them and to see them come together and look so amazing on the runway was really awesome. It wasn’t all glamour though - the most nerve wracking part for me has to be the fittings and getting the garments finished. If they didn’t fit there was no time to adjust by much and if they weren’t finished they wouldn’t get chosen. On campus we all had our teachers and each others support though. Everyone was so helpful and encouraging! 

As part of M/FW, I was lucky enough to be nominated for the Emerging Designer Award. It was really exciting. I couldn’t really believe it and felt like it wasn’t really for me. It was definitely a confidence boost. 

Following my M/FW experience and studies at The Masters, I’ve had a variety of opportunities such as dressing Montaigne for the ARIAs. It was truly an incredible experience. Her stylist got in contact with me and it all happened very quickly from there. I felt really honoured that she wanted to wear my outfit and she looked so incredible in it. It felt special to be a part of such an important message that she sent, as she had ‘Stop Adani’ printed on her cheeks. 

To anyone considering a path in fashion design, my advice would be if you’re passionate, do it. It is awesome. But prepare to work your ass off. You will see amazing rewards. To anyone already studying, make sure to work hard, be strong in your values and visions, and don’t do it all alone. 

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