Introducing Belinda, also known as BB, T.M. Diploma of Fashion Design and Merchandising student who had the experience of a lifetime!  

Belinda was given the opportunity to assist Pip Moroney, Vogue’s Fashion Editor & Marketing Director on the Vogue runways at VAMFF this year.  We chatted to BB about her experience: 

Tell us a bit about the runways you got to work on: 

I was working with Vogue's runways which were 1 and 4 in the program. Working with brands such as Misha Collection, Camilla and Marc and KitX, Aje,  Dion Lee and many more well established brands. 

Here’s a snippet of what went down at runway 4: 




What was the highlight of your experience with Vogue? 

I loved working with the models,  dressing and assigning accessories. I also enjoyed pinning and tucking garments for alterations. Some garments needed to have slight alterations to make the outfit situate perfect on each of the models body.  

Did anything surprise you? 

I was surprised on how the positive energy flowed from the earliest or mornings to the late nights - everyone was happy and inspired to work, I think coffee also helped the energy flow!  

Was there anything that inspired you during the experience? 

Pips leadership and professional nature, she has had years of experience in styling and  it showed. It was great to learn her techniques and apply that knowledge 

Tell us a bit more about yourself. What are your long term career goals? 

One day I will break into the fashion industry with my own business. I'm always on the lookout for gaps in the market, innovation is key. I know this is what I've always wanted and look forward in achieving this dream. 

Between school and then, I would love to gain as much knowledge and experience as possible working for fashion groups. At the moment I’ll continue to take as many opportunities that T.M. and the fashion industry have to offer. I'm also doing a lot of interning in between studying with businesses such as the design group "Lux" , as well as freelance designers in Melbourne’s suburbs. 


Is there anyone that motivates you/inspires you to keep pursuing your dream? 

A lot of people inspire me and for many reasons.  

But top of the list is definitely my Mum Shazza. She has always supported me and guided me , pushed me in the direction I wanted to head. Never against. Mums taught me to be a "jack of all trades", making sure I know how to swing an axe during the day and dress to impress for a  lovely night out. " 

How has your experience been at The Masters? 

It's been exactly what I hoped for and more. They have opened many doors for me and my fellow students, it's important to set the foundations and I feel that's more then been achieved.  


Why did you choose to study at T.M.? 

I went to every school you could possibly think of.  One day workshops , open days.  I did A LOT of hours researching online and just started to feel overwhelmed by the whole experience.   

Then I happened to walk past the institution on Spring St after visiting another school that has since shut. I walked in and just felt welcomed by the staff and environment. I asked to look at some students work. Well I was caught and had to be a student here. they have been accommodating with the schedule , allowing us to work and intern outside of the course. A consistent schedule allows me to study and commute to and from regional Victoria (Gippsland).

It's a bit of a hike but it's worth it.  

What's been the highlight of your experience at The Masters? 

Working alongside Jamie Azzopardi assistant an assistant for the Brownlow. We got to dress and style the players. That was definitely a top highlight.  I've also been lucky enough to work with the Valentino group for David Jones runways and the Newcombe Tennis Awards last year, the knowledge and skills acquired through such events will stay with me forever.  

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