On Sunday night (March 3rd)  I had the opportunity to represent The Masters Institute at the Gorman fashion show at the Heide Museum of Modern Art.

The celebratory runway show featured Gorman’s ten year milestone as an Australian brand, reaching around 80 collaborations with artists, designers and makers around the world over the years.


The evening began with drinks and many Gorman prints frolicking around the museums ‘Kitchen Garden’. Attendees were dressed in their favourite Gorman pieces from the past ten years, each bursting with colour and prints to match the whimsical environment and show what creativity was about to take place on the runway.


Collaborating artists such as Rachel Castle, Mirka Mora, Studio Elke and many more incredible artists who had the opportunity to re-imagine and re-fabricate artworks into wearable collections.


The runway kicked off, in the most stunning outside location. Each look had its own character thriving with inspiration from the artist. My personal fave was the collaboration with Ellie Malin, her pieces screamed popping colours through the most intricate designs, especially on the sheer digital printed fabrics.


The aftermath of the runway was even better, guests got the chance to explore the Heide Museum's featured exhibition of the original artworks from the designers. Not to mention the amazing grazing platters that the guests huddle around whilst socialising!


Gorman truly knew how to kick off VAMFF in style! A huge thank you to T.M. for letting me represent the school and tag along to such a stunning event!

Photography by Sam Tobone