Are you curious about how the designs you see on the runway are born? How designers make them come to life?

Concept to Creation is an immersive exhibit showcasing every stage of the design process. Launching at Melbourne City Library at 6pm on Thursday, August 29th, this event will walk you through the whole process, from the beginning aspects of mood boarding and sketching through to the very last stages of runway prep and industry presentations.

This exhibit will take you through their entire creative processes, giving you insight into their headspace at each phase of creative development. See exclusive footage of what a fashion designer looks like in action, bringing their gorgeous creations to life. Take a peek at their initial sketches, and see how their designs evolved and grew from conception to runway. Learn about toiles, colour palettes, and even hair and makeup.

Four of our students—Kiara, Juanita, Erin, and Taelah—have been working tirelessly over the last few weeks, designing and creating garments to be featured on the Melbourne Fashion Week runway.  We picked the brains of the designers to find out how they were feeling pre-Fashion Week.

Erin described how great it’s been to have artistic freedom, telling us that “with a lot of my trims and stuff like that, I haven’t exactly planned it; I’ve just been creating as I go. I love the lightbulb moments that I get as I’m creating. It’s quite spontaneous.”

Kiara echoed Erin’s excitement. “My favourite part has been seeing my designs come from paper to real life and seeing something that I created and designed myself in real fabric, on a model, on a catwalk. I’m so proud of myself that I’ve accomplished that.”

Exhibit curator Todd Anthony hopes that through this exhibit, more people will gain a fuller understanding of the design process. He says that the main goal of the exhibit is to “evoke emotion in people and give them a better understanding and appreciation of the creative mind”.

Concept to Creation is going to be inspiring and eye-opening. You’ll get an extensive, enveloping look into a designer’s process—into a designer’s mind. 

'Concept to Creation' will be open at Melbourne City Library from August 29th - September 19th. Join us at the official launch on Thursday, August 29th at 6pm.

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