For seven years, fashion stylist Lucy Wood was an institution at InStyle Magazine. Now that she’s freelancing, we were super excited to catch up with her to find out what’s next for her career! We chatted about the shoots she’s loved working on, the incredible talent she’s worked with, and her idea of the perfect pair of shoes—obviously. Keep reading to take a peek into the amazing life of a fashion stylist!

After seven years of working as Fashion Editor at InStyle Australia, Lucy Wood is now working as a freelance fashion stylist


Tell us a bit about yourself. 

I’m a fashion stylist based in Sydney. I recently finished up as Fashion Editor at InStyle Magazine, where I worked for seven years and I am now styling freelance. Other than my dog Alfie, my other loves include vintage fashion, interiors, and art. I’ve always loved fashion magazines, that’s where my passion for styling started. From the curated shopping edits to the beautiful editorials, I would study the imagery and try and figure out how they created every element. I guess it was only when I was a bit older that I realised it could be a feasible job and learned what a stylist’s role actually was.

Where do you draw your inspiration from?

I try to collate inspiration daily, whether from scrolling Instagram, researching different photographers and artists online, or at art galleries. Working as a stylist can be very fast-paced, and some shoots will pop up with very little notice. It’s great to have a collection of references to work with at your fingertips when time is of the essence. 

When I’m styling others, it’s important to think of who they are, what they stand for, what will suit their body shape and what colours and textures will work on them. I always think of that first and foremost, and then think of what setting, mood, and storyline will stem from that, which will often depict the location and team you work with.

As for dressing myself, I tend to go with pieces that make me feel my best. These tend to be colourful and patterned. I’m often drawn to the same silhouettes. I work best when I’m comfortable and not wearing anything too fussy.

InStyle shoot styled by Lucy Wood.


How did you get to be where you are today?

During and after uni I was working in retail whilst interning at magazines. I interned for a couple of years at a few different fashion magazines, both in Sydney and London and it was the best experience to get a realistic view of day-to-day life at a magazine. From the excitement of being on set learning from the stylist, to the long days helping manage the fashion cupboard—I loved it all. Throughout my years of interning, I kept in touch with everyone I met along the way, and that eventually led to finding out about a job opening at InStyle Australia. 

Tell us about some highlights from your amazing career so far!

I’ve been lucky enough to travel a lot with work, which has been an amazing experience. Attending New York Fashion Week was a real pinch-me moment, as well as shooting in LA and Mauritius. I love being able to collaborate with different creatives on a shoot—that would have to be my favourite aspect of the job. Everyone is on set doing their part, and as a team you are all creating something together. That dynamic is always different between shoots and it’s so rewarding to see it all come to life after weeks of planning.

Each shoot I’ve worked on ends up being such a different experience, as it all depends on the talent you’re working with. Two highlights would have to be working with Aussie beauties Phoebe Tonkin and Miranda Kerr.

Miranda Kerr on the cover on InStyle Magazine. Styled by Lucy Wood.


The two cover story shoots I worked on in LA would have to be two of my favourite shoots I’ve worked on—possibly because shooting overseas always adds an extra element of excitement, the production is next level, and working with new people is always fun. I also love the happy accidents that can happen. It’s still pretty amazing to me that a horse walked by our set with Phoebe Tonkin, and next thing you know—he’s on the cover with her!

'It's still pretty amazing to me that a horse walked by our set with Phoebe Tonkin, and next thing you know—he's on the cover with her!'


What was the inspo behind Tuesday Shoesday? If you did one today, what would you include?

As a team we were all trying to come up with regular stories to create for the website. As the resident accessory lover (particularly when it comes to shoes), Tuesday Shoesday was appointed to me! I’ve personally been on the hunt for some great mary jane ballet flats lately. That, and some man-style chunky loafers.

Lucy wrote a regular column, Tuesday Shoesday, for InStyle, featuring the hottest shoe trends. 


How do you think the fashion industry is changing?

Like almost every industry, 2020 has caused some huge disruption to the fashion world. As an optimist, I think great things will come from this in the end. There were systems in place that were outdated and it’s been a time to rethink these. I’ve loved seeing recently the ways in which brands have reimagined showcasing their new collections through creative visual experiences streamed live online.

I also think it has made us all question how much fashion we need to consume, and also the importance of supporting our local brands and industries. I hope that customers rethink their shopping habits and are more invested in knowing where their clothes are being made and what they are being made from.


Where are you headed professionally in the next few years?

I’m trying to keep my options pretty open at this stage. As I’ve worked at a magazine for seven years, I’m now excited to see what different experiences will come my way. I’m currently enjoying the independence that comes with working freelance. I’m looking forward to developing my own styling and hope to consult with some local brands in the future. As an accessory lover, I’ve always had a dream of creating my own line—we shall see, though!

What advice would you give to students who want to pursue a career in styling?

Shoot, shoot, shoot! That’s something I wish I did more of when I was starting out. Even now, I will learn something new on every shoot I work on—that’s part of the joy of collaborating with different people.

Behind the scenes of a shoot for InStyle, styled by Lucy Wood. Featuring Phoebe Tonkin.


Always keep your eyes open for inspiration. This can be in the form of anything from fashion, makeup, or location—as a stylist, it’s great to keep these references filed away, either physically or mentally. Sometimes it can be a certain location that sparks an idea for a whole story.


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