Meet Taylah, an esteemed 2015 fashion business graduate who now works as the ecommerce and digital coordinator at leading menswear label Calibre. Taylah chatted to us about her experience working in the industry, from her transition as a styling intern to pursuing her passion for writing and ultimately landing her dream job in ecommerce.  Read more about her below.

What were the best parts about studying with us?

Our course was a lot of hard work, but it taught me so much valuable information. I loved being able to study the business side of fashion, which I already knew I wanted to work in, while also gaining an understanding of the creative areas. I also got to hone my fashion writing skills in my major project and get a launch pad into the industry. Of course, the people I met there were also a favourite part. I still have close friends today whom I met while studying. So many of my teachers and instructors were amazing. They knew the industry so well and really challenged us to do our best. They were a constant source of support, advice, and a good laugh.

Do you have any advice or words of wisdom for someone who’s considering starting their fashion journey with us?

If you aren’t afraid of hard work and you want to get into the fashion industry, go for it. Challenge yourself to continually grow throughout your studies and make valuable connections as you do. While experience is essential for your CV, the knowledge you learn during your studies will be invaluable as you start out in the industry.

What industry experiences did you have while you were studying?

While studying, I completed a styling internship with Blue Illusion, which was organised through the college. This gave me valuable insights into web shoots, which is something I help manage in my position today. I also did back-of-house volunteering for fashion weeks and fashion writing for publications like the St. Kilda News, which offered an initial stepping stone for my career.

How did you shift from fashion writing to ecommerce? 

Through fashion writing, I moved into digital copywriting for lifestyle brands. This gave me an introduction into the ecommerce world, where I was able to combine my digital skills with my fashion background and content creation knowledge. I love ecommerce because it’s such a rapidly growing and changing industry. There is so much amazing potential to create a unique and exciting customer experience online and I love being at the forefront of that.

Where do you find inspiration?

I try to surround myself with people who inspire me. It’s so beneficial to have contacts and friends in the industry who can challenge you to be your best and will help support you on that journey.

What are your goals for the next few years?

Over the next few years, I want to gain even more insight into the world of fashion ecommerce and further develop my skill set and knowledge in this area. I see myself working as an ecommerce manager for a great fashion brand.

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