Dream of seeing your garments on the runway at Milan Fashion Week? Want to design and construct modern, ethical clothing? Studying a course in Fashion Design can help to get you there.

In Australia, employment in the creative industry is growing at nearly twice the rate of the general Australian workforce. Our fashion industry is booming and there truly is no better time to pursue a career in your dream field. With an abundance of new conversations about ethical, sustainably sourced fashion and diversifying our catalogs, it is an exciting period that is only getting better. 

So, if you’re ready to push the boundaries of fashion and eager to start designing, here is where to start. 

Melbourne Fashion Week

What course should I study?

It’s important to get qualified and choose a course that’s right for you. 

Within Australia, the most common route to follow is completing a MST60119 Advanced Diploma of Applied Fashion Design & Merchandising. This course typically runs across three years, equipping you with the skills to design everything from womenswear to avant garde fashion garments. 

Fashion Illustration

What does an Advanced Diploma of Applied Fashion Design & Merchandising entail?

This course comprises of the following:

Year 1 - Graduate with a MST40519 Certificate IV in Applied Fashion Design & Merchandising

In your first year, you will learn:

-Pattern Making & Garment Construction

-Design solutions for a range of creative brief

-Fashion Illustration: Learn how to research, source and draw your designs using traditional and computer aided design programs

-Develop a refined awareness of fashion industry practices

Year 2 - Graduate with a MST50119 Diploma of Applied Fashion Design & Merchandising

In your second year, you will learn:

-Further Garment Construction

-The costings and marketing of collections

-Industry Analysis

-Design Theory

-Develop your own personal design abilities

-Communication skills 

Year 3 - Graduate with a MST60119 Advanced Diploma of Applied Fashion Design & Merchandising

In your third year, you will learn:

-How to design and produce your own signature collections

-Hone your CAD skills

-Production & design refinement

-Costing and production schedule development - onshore vs. offshore

-Develop skills in presenting to retailers

-Apply to show your garments at Melbourne Fashion Week

-Become industry ready!

Fashion Student

What career outcomes are there? 

Upon graduation, you will be fully equipped to go into the industry as a:

  • Fashion Designer 
  • Assistant Designer
  • Pattern Maker
  • Assistant Buyer
  • Retail Manager
  • Fashion Stylist
  • CAD Operator

Fashion Students

What if I want to get a taste of fashion before I commit to studying?

We’re lucky to be living in a time where there are an abundance of short courses and workshops out there, ranging from a few hours to multiple weeks of specific learning in an area of your choice.

The Masters Institute of Creative Education offer an Upskill department which features multiple of short courses on topics such as fashion illustration, pattern making & garment construction, 3D draping and more. Find out more about them here.

Short courses like these are an excellent way to find out if this is an area you’d like to pursue and try your hand at a skill you may not have had the chance to just yet.

Upskill Short Courses and Workshops

Is it worthwhile to do an internship/volunteer? 

Absolutely. It’s so important to get involved in as many ways as you can. Whether it be assisting a brand in dressing models for a runway show or interning at a fashion house, there is so much to gain from this hands on experience. You will have the ability to see how the industry operates at a behind the scenes level whilst simultaneously building an excellent pool of contacts.

Whilst it isn’t always about who you know, it’s certainly an integral part of this industry to put yourself out there. In many cases, an internship can land you a permanent job with a label straight out of your studies.

Fashion Student

What if I’m too young to study at a higher education level?

You’ve already completed the first step: researching your options! 

Though you may not be able to enrol (just yet) in your dream course, there are plenty of short courses and workshops out there as mentioned above. The Masters also offer an engaging School Holiday Program in the February and July school holidays. Three courses across Fashion, Hair and Makeup & Beauty provide students with the essential knowledge to get placed on a creative course in the future.

They’re also a great way to get your first taste of the industry and explore your own creativity. Find out more about them here. 

Want to study fashion design? Find out more about your course options here.