So, you want to launch your own fashion brand. 

You’ve identified a gap in the market for a brand the world needs. You’re passionate about your idea, but unsure where to start.

Whether you’re the next Virgil Abloh, Francesca Bellitini or Anna Wintour, finding your niche in the industry requires a lot of planning, time and education.

We’ve answered all your questions below about how to ensure you have the best education to support you for your big launch.

Fashion Business Shoot

What should I study?

If you’re flicking through a course guide and seeing ‘fashion design’ or ‘business management’ and don’t feel like either really tick all of your boxes, you’re probably right. There are many business management courses out there that are excellent for a variety of businesses, but you’re looking for something fashion-focused. Similarly, you adore fashion but would prefer to stay away from the sewing machine and focus more on the creative direction and branding.

We hear you.

At Holmes Institute Fashion, we developed a course tailored to your career goals. Our Bachelor of Fashion Business will introduce you to the world of fashion and aspects of the industry such as marketing, visual merchandising, social media managing and creative direction. We also cover trend forecasting, fashion journalism, law and ethics and so much more.

How long does a Bachelor of Fashion Business go for?

There’s a variety of study options to suit your needs. Study 6 trimesters in a row to graduate in two years, or pace them out over three years and increase your work experience in between. We also offer blended online learning models for those students who may be working full time.

Not sure if you want to commit to an entire degree? No problem, we also offer an Undergraduate Certificate in Fashion Business, which comprises one trimester (12 weeks) of study. This option is ideal for those currently working who want to UpSkill with a formal qualification or for those looking to change to a career in fashion.

Fashion Business Student Work

What can I do to gain awareness of how other brands began and operate before starting my own?

Our students are encouraged to complete a range of internships and work placements during their studies. By completing an internship, particularly at a brand that is specific to your career goals, you’ll be able to see the behind the scenes details of how their business functions, what processes are in place, how they communicate with consumers, how they discover new trends and more. 

Our students have interned not only at fashion houses, but also at publishing houses such as Marie Claire, learning how a publication operates.

Who are some Australian based brand owners that didn’t study design?

One of our notable alumni, Michelle Aznavorian kickstarted her worldwide label, MISHA Collection having studied fashion business with us.

Read more about her experience here.

What are the core units that will help me launch my fashion brand?

Below is a full list of units for our Bachelor of Fashion Business. 

Creative Industry Analysis 

HF1002 Textile and Materials

HF1003 Consumer Behaviour

HF1004 Communication for the Creative Industry 

HF1205 Fashion Fundamentals & Cultural History 

HF1204 Principles of Fashion Management

HF1206 Product Management and Accounting

HF2201 Brand Development

HF2203 Buying & Financial Decision-making

HF2208 Law & Ethics 

HF2205 Product Development Strategies

HF2206 Visual Merchandising & Inventory Management 

HF2207 Fashion Marketing Strategies

HF2202 Sustainable Sourcing and Supplying 

HF3001 Creative Business Project 1 – Research & Planning

HF3002 Creative Business Project 2 – Integrated Business Plan

HF3206 Creative Collaboration in the Fashion Industry

HF3204 Economic Strategies for the Creative Sector 

HF3005 Research Methods for Creative Business Development 

HF3012 Digital Technologies 

HF3013 Styling for the Creative Industry 

HF3203 Data Fundamentals 

HF3207 Ecommerce and the Digital Landscape 

HFE2011 Fashion Writing & Digital Media

What are some examples of student outcomes of their assignments?

Find below some images of student assessment tasks. Students also learn how to pitch to industry professionals and sell their business in an authentic, elevated manner.  

Fashion Business Social Media

Student Work


What other career outcomes are there if I decide not to pursue my own business?

Some of the career outcomes with a Bachelor of Fashion Business include:

  • Stylist
  • Buyer
  • Merchandiser
  • Production & Planning
  • Retail Management
  • Branding
  • Business Management
  • Marketer
  • Social Media Manager
  • Creative Director
  • Product Development​
  • Copywriter & Journalist

What if I want to get a taste of fashion before I commit to studying?

We’re lucky to be living in a time where there is an abundance of short courses and workshops out there, ranging from a few hours to multiple weeks of specific learning in an area of your choice.

Our Upskill department features multiple of these including fashion illustration, pattern making & garment construction, 3D draping and more. Find out more about them here.

These are an excellent way to find out if this is an area you’d like to pursue and try your hand at a skill you may not have had the chance to just yet.

Fashion School Holidays


What if I’m too young to study at a higher education level? 

If you’re below the age minimum, there are still ways to get involved and get that step closer to achieving your career goals.

Our Upskill Short Courses and Workshops are the perfect way to see which parts of the creative industries you like the most.

We work our hardest to ensure the Upskill calendar runs outside of traditional school hours, hosting workshops and short courses on evenings and over the weekends. We also run School Holiday Programs that are scheduled in line with your School Holidays. They’re a great way to get your first taste of the industry and explore your own creativity. Find out more about them here.

Want to study fashion business? Find out more about our courses here.