So, you want to launch your own Fashion Brand. Maybe you’ve identified a gap in the market for amazing pieces that the world needs, or maybe it’s something you’ve had on your wish list for a long time. 

It’s not just an idea. You want to take the plan seriously, make sure everything runs smoothly and get the proper education so you can launch a successful business. So where should you start?

Fashion Business Shoot

What makes a good Fashion brand?

To begin with, you should understand the main things that make a good Fashion entrepreneur, and therefore, a good Fashion brand.


  • Industry Knowledge
    A large part of creative work actually consists of research and analysing the industry. To do so, you will need a good understanding of the industry, from its fundamentals, cultural history, consumer behaviour, law and ethics, to give you a wider perspective on the industry. 


  • Marketing & Branding
    Good fashion marketing is the key to bringing your brand to the right target market, at the right price, place and time.

    To achieve this, you should understand how to develop good branding, how to form solid communication, marketing and management plans, how to work with digital media fashion writing, and the latest strategies in the Fashion e-commerce and digital landscape.


  • Product Knowledge
    It is crucial that you understand your products well because you will be working on a lot of product-related processes along the way.

    This includes: deciding textiles and materials, sustainable sourcing and supplying, product development, buying and financial decision-making, inventory management, to product management and accounting.

    Fashion manufacturing, sourcing and buying require careful steps beyond trusting your “gut instincts.”


  • Creative Direction
    Fashion is a creative industry after all! When you first start your own brand, you would probably assume the Creative Director position. This means you will need to hone your creative direction, styling and visual merchandising skills.

What makes a good Fashion brand?

Where can you learn all that?

It is a mix of many things. Because of that, Fashion Design schools might feel too “creative,” yet Business Management feels too corporate and general for your interest.

That’s when you know you’re built for Fashion Business. Our Bachelor of Fashion Business course will introduce you to the world of Fashion from a Business perspective. 

Instead of learning about garment constructions, you will learn: marketing, visual merchandising, social media management and creative direction. We also cover trend forecasting, fashion journalism, law and ethics and so much more.


Here’s a full list of study units in our Bachelor of Fashion Business program:

  • Creative Industry Analysis 
  • Textile and Materials
  • Consumer Behaviour
  • Communication for the Creative Industry 
  • Fashion Fundamentals & Cultural History 
  • Principles of Fashion Management
  • Product Management and Accounting
  • Brand Development
  • Buying & Financial Decision-making
  • Law & Ethics 
  • Product Development Strategies
  • Visual Merchandising & Inventory Management 
  • Fashion Marketing Strategies
  • Sustainable Sourcing and Supplying 
  • Creative Business Project 1 – Research & Planning
  • Creative Business Project 2 – Integrated Business Plan
  • Creative Collaboration in the Fashion Industry
  • Economic Strategies for the Creative Sector 
  • Research Methods for Creative Business Development 
  • Digital Technologies 
  • Styling for the Creative Industry 
  • Data Fundamentals 
  • Ecommerce and the Digital Landscape 
  • Fashion Writing & Digital Media


It sounds like a huge commitment

Starting a business is, after all, a huge commitment. And while pursuing a degree in Fashion Business may sound intimidating, we have a variety of study options that might just suit your needs.

You can study 6 trimesters in a row and fast-track your degree to graduate in two years. Or you can pace them over three years if you want to increase your work experience in between. 

If you’re still unsure about committing to a full degree, we also offer an Undergraduate Certificate in Fashion Business that consists of one trimester or 12 weeks of study. This option is ideal for those looking to Upskill their knowledge with a formal qualification, or for those who want to set their foot in the door into the Fashion industry.



Gain industry experience before launching your own brand

We encourage our students to complete a range of internships and work placements during their studies. 

By completing an internship, especially at a brand that inspires you and your career goals, you will be able to see what goes on behind-the-scenes, learn from their business model and apply what you learn for your own brand in the future.

Our students also expand their knowledge by interning beyond fashion houses, landing roles at publications such as Marie Claire, digital outlets and marketing agencies!


What other career outcomes are there, if I decide not to pursue my own business?

Don’t worry, Fashion is a gigantic industry offering all kinds of opportunities. Our students and graduates have gone on to pursue careers as:

  • Stylists
  • Buyers
  • Merchandisers
  • Production & Planning Specialists
  • Product Development Specialists
  • Retail Managers
  • Branding Specialists
  • Business Managers
  • Marketers
  • Social Media Managers
  • Creative Directors
  • Copywriters/Fashion Journalists



It’s time to take your chances! Click here to learn more about studying Fashion Business.