Meet Aprina, a barbering alumni and winner of 2019 Face of the Masters. Aprina has studied SHB30416 Certificate III in Hairdressing, SHB3516 Certificate III in Barbering, CUA51015 Diploma of Screen and Media, and is now completing a Bachelor of Fashion Business—all at The Masters! She now works as a hairdresser and makeup artist at Rokk Ebony Wheelers Hill. We chatted to Aprina about her amazing barbering skills (which won her Face of the Masters!), her time studying with us, and her advice to T.M. students.

What made you want to study barbering? Why did you choose The Masters?

I’ve studied a few courses with The Masters, so I’ve been with them for quite a long time. I wanted to stick with them because they give all their students amazing opportunities, such as working backstage at runway shows and participating in competitions like Project T.M. I love how they support each and every student every step of the way throughout their courses and how much fun we had in the classroom while learning.

When I was studying hairdressing at The Masters, I had trouble with men’s haircuts and I didn’t really like doing them. So I challenged myself to study barbering and now I love it! Barbering is such a unique discipline; there’s such a fun dynamic between clients and staff. There’s a lot of deep conversation when you’re cutting someone’s hair and you can really help someone to open up. Barbering is like its own little world and it’s such an amazing craft.

How did The Masters prepare you for working in the industry?

It prepared me in a lot of different ways. I’m so much more confident now and can socialise with different amazing hairdressers around the country. While I was studying, I got the opportunity through The Masters to go to Mercedes Benz Fashion Week Australia in Sydney to do makeup backstage, which was amazing! I also got the opportunity to do hair and makeup at lots of other runway shows as well as some short films!

Why did you choose to create a barbering look for Awards Night 2019? What was your inspiration for the look?

I’ve never seen an image of a guy entered into the Face of the Masters competition, so I wanted to show everyone that it’s not just for women—it’s for both genders. I was also studying barbering at the time, so I wanted to showcase what I do best and what I’ve learned from all my mentors. My inspiration was the colour that I’m drawn to most, red. I also took inspiration from men’s fashion.

(Winning Image of Face of The Master 2019)

How did it feel to win Face of The Masters?

Winning the Face of The Masters was the best feeling ever! When I started at TM and went to the first Awards Night I was so astonished and excited seeing everyone participate. Then I decided I want to be apart of it and one day win. After years of competing and finally being at Rokk Ebony, my wish came true. I wouldn't be able to do it without my South Melbourne team. It was the best time I ever had from finding a model who let me do anything on him to the finished look, I couldn't ask for me. 

What advice would you give to someone considering studying at The Masters?

There’s no better place to be to learn about the industry. You’ll get a tremendous amount of support throughout your journey!

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