There are so many ways to achieve gorgeous curls or waves using a variety of different tools, products, and techniques. Here, hairdressing alum Vanessa teaches us how to create 6 different wavy looks using just a straightening iron! We also recommend checking out apprentice Ben’s top 5 tips for creating gorgeous wavy styles to make sure your hair is totally prepped for all of these stunning looks.

Hollywood Waves

Hollywood Waves with Vanessa from The Masters Institute on Vimeo.

This is a glamorous, red carpet-worthy look. 
Working in sections of hair, use your straightener to create curls. Do this by securing a piece of hair between the straightening iron plates, wrapping the hair around the iron once, and gliding the iron downwards, the same way you would if you were straightening your hair. Curl each piece away from the face for consistency.
Once all sections have been curled, spritz your hair with a light hairspray and brush through the curls. Then use the brush to lightly tease your hair to make it look extra glam!  

S Waves

'S' Waves with Vanessa from The Masters Institute on Vimeo.

Start with straight hair. Take a small section of the hair and twist it in S shapes as you work your way down with your straightener. Don’t glide your straightener down the section like you would to straighten your hair, though! Clamp the hair in the straightener repeatedly as you make your way down the section. This will help set the S-shaped waves in place.

Soft Waves

Soft Waves from The Masters Institute on Vimeo. 

This is a classic wavy look! Use your straightener to twist your hair into curls. Instead of simply wrapping and gliding the way you would for Hollywood Waves, twirl the straightener around in your hand as you pull it away from your hair—this twists the curls more, giving them a bouncier look. Once you've curled all your hair, tousle it a little to create a slightly messy, bed-hair look.

70s-Inspired Curls & Soft Glam Waves

70s Inspired Curls & Soft Glam Waves with Vanessa from The Masters Institute on Vimeo.

This look is totally groovy. Start by curling your hair with your straightener. Then take each curl and tease it up the length of your hair—do this by grabbing a small strand of each curl with one hand and pushing the rest of the curl up using your other hand. 

To get soft glam waves, simply brush out your 70s mop for a soft, dreamy look.


Textured Beachy Waves


These waves will have you looking like you hopped straight off a surfboard, no matter where you are! Work with very small sections of hair to create tight curls using the twisting technique. Comb your fingers through the curls to loosen them, creating a beachy, mermaid-y look!


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