We’re total suckers for a gorgeous wavy hair look, and we absolutely love the work that T.M. hair student and Edwards & Co. apprentice Ben does! So we went straight to the source and asked him for his top tips for creating stunning waves.

Once you've got these techniques down pat, try your hand at 6 different wavy looks with hair alum Vanessa



  • Always wave the hairline pieces away from the face!
  • When using a curling iron or a straightener, ensure that the hair is being curled backwards, away from the face. This frames the face nicely and gives you that 'pro' finish. Here's a pic so you can see what we mean:



  • Prep the hair by either using a light hairspray or dry texture spray before you come in with your curling wand!
  • Spritzing the hair with a hairspray or texture spray before curling it will help it hold its shape and be more easily manipulated using your curling wand or straightener.



  • Always be neat when sectioning.
  • Instead of haphazardly grabbing sections at random, take care when you section the hair. This will create a more polished, even look at the end and will ensure you don’t miss hairs.



  • For extra length: Don’t hold the heat on the lower layers for too long.
  • Only lightly waving the lower sections of hair will keep length, and the top layers will cover them anyway. Don’t over-curl or over-heat the bottom layers if you want a more natural, effortless look.



  • For extra volume: alternate waves towards the face and away from the face.
  • This will create more volume and texture. This is perfect for fine hair especially! But always remember—direct the hairline pieces away from the face!



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