After spending the last 6 years living overseas and travelling the world, Stephanie decided to turn her lifelong love of fashion into a career. She chose Holmes Institute Fashion when she came across the course outline for the Bachelor of Fashion Business and had an “aha” moment. We chatted to Stephanie about her first month studying Fashion Business—online! Read all about her experience below...

How did you know you wanted to study Fashion Business?

I really didn’t know I wanted to study Fashion Business, actually. I knew I wanted to study something eventually, but it was a spur of the moment decision when everything in my life slowed down because of Covid. I’ve always had a love for fashion and I knew eventually I’d end up in the industry. I chose Holmes because the course was exactly what I had been looking for without even realising it. It just made sense!

What has your first month studying been like?

My first month has been amazing! The college is intimate and the courses are well curated and everyone is so kind and friendly. I think the quality of lecturers and our guest speakers are the best part of the course. I love listening to their real-world experiences and stories. Listening to guest lecturers who studied at Holmes and seeing where they are now is super inspiring. I’m so glad I chose Holmes.

I’m really enjoying online learning, too! Studying online allows me the flexibility to listen anywhere, anytime, and fits seamlessly into my schedule. I enjoy not having to fit my life around my study, rather study fits around my life. It's not every day that I feel like listening to tutorials and lectures, being able to tailor the days to when I'm feeling more engaged, and having the ability to go back and re-watch lectures again is a game-changer. I won’t miss my Internet glitching, though!

What have you loved about the course so far?

My favourite subject so far is Cultural History. I’ve always really enjoyed history, especially the history of fashion. Not to mention I have an amazing lecturer, so that always helps! My latest accounting assignment was tough, but I loved every minute of it! Designing a garment and having to reach out to suppliers and manufacturers was kind of terrifying but also very rewarding. Having that real-world experience is invaluable.


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